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                     CKC & UKC Registered Toy, Mini and standard

                                 American Eskimo's We test for prcd-PRA                     

Reputable Breeder of Champion Show Quality CKC & UKC Registered Toy,Miniature and Standard American Eskimo dogs in BC, Alberta, and most of Canada, tested for prcd - pra progressive retinal atrophy,

Technically called "hypopigmentation" (or snow nose, winter nose) it results from loss of sunlight, and causes the nose to fade to brown in winter; normal colour returns as summer approaches. Snow nose occurs mainly in light-coated breeds; the colour change can become permanent in older dogs. Snow nose can impact a dog at any time of year, although during the darker winter months are most common.

Akira (Toy) on the left, Vicky (Toy) to the right. )

Vicky gets snow nose every winter , not all do,

Akira does not.