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 CKC & UKC Registered Toy, Mini and standard

  American Eskimo's We test for prcd-PRA                     

Reputable Breeder of Champion Show Quality CKC & UKC Registered Toy,Miniature and Standard American Eskimo dogs in BC, Alberta, and most of Canada, tested for prcd - pra progressive retinal atrophy,

PETSTOCK Purchase Agreement/Health Guarantee for the Eskimo's $1500.00

Limited one year Health Guarantee / Purchase Agreement / spay / neuter agreement

From the date of transfer of ownership (day of delivery - physical possession of your puppy)

 I, the seller/breeder Guarantee the puppy that you have purchased from me, against genetic related illness for the first year of the pup’s life. In the event there is a genetic problem, you have the option to either keep or return your pup with a veterinary statement of the genetic health issue, and your proof of purchase receipt (this Guarantee) and we will replace your puppy with another puppy of the same breeding when available. This is for a replacement puppy only (no refund) and does not include veterinary bills or any other charges that may have incurred once it has left the seller's home. If the puppy dies, is ill, or must be put down due to a genetic disorder (e.g. Heart, liver, eyes, ears, hips, patella’s) buyer must show a vet's hand written and stamped letter stating the problem and or cause of death and test results. These tests will go directly to my vet for verification. No vet bills will be paid by the seller on any sick puppy once it has left our home. This contract is for pet stock only; this puppy is not being sold as a breeding dog and is not guaranteed against any genetic disorder for breeding purposes unless otherwise stated.

Seller warrants this puppy to be free of any communicable diseases for a period of 7 days after buyer takes possession of puppy.  Buyer agrees to take puppy to a veterinarian of his/her choice prior to the expiration of the 7 day period to verify health of puppy. 

Spay/neuter agreement:  *** you, the purchaser, will agree to have your puppy spay/neutered by 7 months old***. This is the responsibility of the PURCHASER, not the veterinarian, to ensure that I have received verification that the surgery has been performed. Failure to comply with this agreement by the date below, unless otherwise agreed to in writing, will be considered a breach of the contract. If breached, the PURCHASER will transport this dog back to me, (breeder) and will not be entitled to a refund.

REHOMING: You, (the purchaser) agree that you will never hand this puppy over to the SPCA, if you need to find this puppy a home, you will do everything to ensure this puppy has found a new home and *** will contact me personally before rehoming the pup and with provide me, the breeder,  the info of the new owner. ***

HEALTH CARE: To ensure that your puppy stays healthy and happy be sure to stay on a strict yearly vaccination program, quality food and fresh water regularly and keep up with a regular de-worming schedule as well. Your puppy’s booster vaccinations are due 3 weeks after their first set of vaccinations. Please be sure to bring in your puppies health record to your vet at each visit. Keeping up with your vaccinations in the puppies first year especially, could save your puppy’s life. Failure to comply with and keep a proper health record of vaccinations, spay/neutering and de-worming will void your one year health guarantee. Failure to comply with spay/neuter agreement; could result in legal actions being carried out by the breeder.

 ** I require a non refundable deposit to hold your puppy and will not hold a puppy without one, this is not debatable ***so please be sure you are ready and able to introduce a puppy into your life ***

For full contract, please fill out questionnaire... serious inquiries only please.