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Standard American Eskimos

Prcd-Pra Clear Pattern A * Hips/elbows good * For many generations 

Reputable Breeder of Champion Show Quality CKC & UKC Registered Toy,Miniature and Standard American Eskimo dogs in BC, Alberta, and most of Canada, tested for prcd - pra progressive retinal atrophy,



I live in one of the most amazing places in Canada, Beautiful British Columbia. I was raised approx. 40 mins south of Quesnel BC on a large farm. I have been very blessed to have spent most of my childhood on horseback, working in the farm, exploring the country with my parents and grandparents. By horse, truck, skidoo, and dog! Yes, allot of miles on foot and even hours and hours in a sleigh pulled by my dads Siberian sled dogs.

 We are country people. We love and admire what this gorgeous province has to offer. Its vast mountains, rolling hills, the trees, the amazing animals. There are so many amazing places in this country, this province, and I enjoy exploring it as often as I am able.

 Ever since I was a little  girl sleeping out on the lawn with my dogs and or pet turkey (not kidding, actually yes a turkey lol) I was fascinated by the deep dark sky. I would lay there looking up to the heavens and see the stars at night, the sun setting in the evening, the moon come up, and the clouds, the colors, it's fascinating! I still to this day love to watch the clouds rolling past, the shapes they take, the moon and sunsets, the stars and satellites as they pass by. Sometimes we just need to "be".

I believe, we need to spend more time in silence,  just open our eyes, and see beyond what we think we see, be patient, quiet and still.  

 This is what my parents, my grandparents have taught me to do... see things in a way you haven't ever seen them before.

I hope you enjoy my view of the world, this is one of my passions, 

 ~ Photography BY Chelsea.