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The best references I have are the comments and posts on my facebook  page :) Please see Chelseas Americaneskimos:


I want to thank everyone so much for their comments and for the updates. I have met so many amazing people....many that I have the privalege to now call friends.  :)

 Thank you for taking the time to keep me updated and for giving these puppies of ours such amazing forever homes.

~ Chelsea


Linda & Lily :) (Eskimo)

When I contacted Chelsea  almost 1 yr ago, I was devasted as we lost our 17 yr old American Eskimo and I wanted to get a puppy in the worst way. Well I got way more than I bargained for because I really found a great friend in the process. Our Lily was born July 2 but she was supposed to go to another family well God must have been rooting for us because she came to us instead and for that I am most blessed. 
You see when I went to the airport to pick up Lily - the attendant told me that she has never seen such a beautiful puppy and when I took her out of her kennel she sighed and gave me the best kiss anyone could ever receive. Our journey with Lily just keeps getting better and better. She is so super smart - she was all trained by 4 months, could sit, fetch a toy and would come and get me when someone comes to the door. Lily also has spent alot of time visiting seniors at a rehab centre and they even paid her for coming with a white teddy bear. Lily is now 7 months old and has been off leash and comes right back to me in fact she is my shadow all day long and puts up a fuss when I leave. 
Would I get another puppy from Chelsea - the answer is yes - in fact we will not get another from any one else. Lily is the love of our lives and we spoil her rotten but she is very obedient and one of the best dogs that I have ever had. My husband has never had a puppy before and he is in love with Lily - he did not know what to expect when we got Lily and the only thing he wants from her is not to bark which she does not do. Lily is so laid back and everyone wants to know how I was so lucky to get a puppy like her as she does not fuss when her nails get clipped and baths are fun as she just lies down enjoying herself.
      ~ Linda
Jane, Anthony and Nuka  (Eskimo)
Jane, Anthony, and NUKA!

   I got my American Eskimo from Chelsea just over a year ago. His name is Nuka, (Nuka means "chunk of  floating ice" in eskimo) and he is more then I ever could have asked for! He is the most amazing, smart, beautiful dog I have ever seen. He is the best side kick, and friend I ever could have asked for. We live in Kamloops, and Nuka comes along with me and my boyfriend everywhere. He is amazing when we do hikes, he loves the dog park, and his favourite place of all is the beach, he LOVES to swim. We have also taken him quading, and even skating! His ability to learn tricks amazes me. He learned how to roll over in five minutes! He also high fives, shakes both paws, lays down, will sit with a treat on his nose, and waits to be invited before going through a door. He is amazing with our cat, and other cats and they play all the time. I would recommend an American Eskimo dog to anyone who wants an energetic, loyal, and amazing pet. Iwould also highly recommend Chelsea as a breeder. She is a very honest reliable breeder and I had a very good experience through the whole process of getting Nuka. The relationship has not ended either, there are always update emails! We are currently fighting the urge to get another one!! American Eskimo dogs are incredible, and you will get more then you ever imagined if you decided to get one!

 ~ Jane.
Justina & Bambi :) (Eskimo)


I can't even begin to describe how beautiful Bambie is. She is fun, smart, sweet, kind, rambunctious, timid, gentle and the centre of her seems filled with joy that comes out of everything she does.  We just couldn't love her more... ok well maybe tomorrow.... cause everyday we do love her more! Amazing!! She fits so well with us and in our world. Thank you so much for giving us the opportunity to bring her into our family.


We were so happy to open the envelope you sent with the note book and the pictures of her parents. Those were so thoughtful for you to send. She was very comfortable on her trip with the soft pink blanket and chew toy. All the info and help that it provides that will be sooooo helpful! and has come in handy on several occasions already! I get from all of this how much you love your puppies. i can't even imagine how hard it is to send them off to who knows where and to who know who! She is really amazing.


 Justina and Bambie have so much fun together. I say that Justina is her play pal and her fun, John will teach her manners and I will teach he obedience. All with love, praise and of course treats!  She is settling in well and trying to make friends with our 2 cats. I think they forget what a joyful is! Bambie sure likes to remind them and share hers!

I really can't get over how cute she is. really....

~ John, Shelley & Justina

Alisha & Sesi (Eskimo)

Sesi is an alaskan word for Snow, which is very fitting as she loves to jump and play in the snow. Winter is definately her favourite season. Sesi will be two years old this coming October and she currently weighs just under 15 lbs. Sesi is very lovable and is very obidient. She is very eager to please. She learns every trick she is taught quickly and with great ease. So far Sesi has learned to ring a bell when she needs to go outside to the bathroom, she sits, lays
down, rolls over, high fives, plays dead upon hearing the word bang, and she knows how to take a bow. Sesi has also learned the commands, "down", "leave it" and "quiet". Sesi loves the outdoors and can keep up on long hikes and afternoons spent outdoors. She loves to accompany us on camping trips. She loves the water and is getting better every year with her swimming. Sesi is a great
companion. We love American Eskimo dogs. Sesi is the greatest pet ever and we would recommend her breed to anyone looking for a fun and loyal dog.

Chelsea was absolutely fantastic and we would recommend her and her dogs to anyone that is looking for a great pet.

Thank you Chelsea, we have fallen in love with Eskies
because our little Sesi is just so incredible!

~ Alisha W.

Theresa & Dean (American Eskimo)



 I must have been incredibly lucky to have met Dean. When I first got Dean,
many told me that I wouldn't get a good night's sleep for a while because
puppies always cry when they are separated from their mother - Dean never
cried, he watched me sleep, and snuggled up warmly beside me. From the
beginning I knew he would be special. He picked his own name by reacting to
a name from the TV, and he lives to impress me   every day -
and he really makes each day special for me.

 I've never had hard time teaching Dean
commands, because Dean doesn't just learn, he truly understands, and
different from many other dogs, he truly thinks. He thinks so hard like us,
that if he wasn't wearing snow white fur and wasn't walking on four legs,
you would think he is human. On top of countless words and sentences he
understands, I've never even had to teach him how to do his business
outside. From using pad as a puppy, he just understood that doing business
outside is the right thing to do. Ever since then, he has never done any of
his business inside the house. Also, I'd take him to a big park nearby where
he'd go absolutely crazy, and when I call his name, he would immediately
come back and walk with me - he never even took obedience classes! He is
also absolutely loyal and so brave. One day I was sitting down crying, he
spat out the chicken breast he was eating to come to me and gently scratch
me with his paw and licked my face. Then when there was a fire alarm, he
came to me immediately - didn't even freak out. He led me down the 22floors
through the fire exit calmly and out of the apartment. I'd recommend
Chelsea's puppies to anyone, because Dean just blew me away in every way
possible. I didn't gain a dog - I gained a friend and family that is there
to protect me and truly loves me.

Chelsea was fantastic in helping me out
whenever I had questions or concerns regarding Dean, I couldn't have done it
without her. He is by my feet now, warming them up - I'd recommend an
experience I have with Dean to everyone, he really is one of the best things
that's happened to me and my family.

~ Theresa

Chantel Matt & Toby ( Eskimo)


Toby is the smartest puppy I know!  He won 1st place in his basic obedience class and he is doing very well in Agility - although sometimes it's hard for me to keep up with him he runs through the course so fast!... and then looks back at me as if to say "what, you're not done yet?".  When we're at home he loves to snuggle up with me on the couch and is extremely loyal that he wont leave me out of his sight, even on off-leash walks.  He has an amazing temperament and is very gentle with kids and babies.  When I walk him people stop and ask what kind of dog he is and where I got him from.
I'd happily recomend Chelsea  as a breader to anyone looking for a
Miniature American Eskimo.  :)