MY AMERICAN ESKIMOS MY AMERICAN ESKIMOS COSMO CKC REG STANDARD STANDARD STUD -PRCD - PRA CLEAR PATTERN A - OFA GOOD. HIPS 16" at the shoulder 202155703 KODA - TOY CKC CHAMPION #1 TOY AMERICAN ESKIMO IN CANADA FOR 2012, hips and elbows good, prcd -pra clear pattern A, UKC & CKC registered Koda is the gentlest soul I have on the place. He's insanely intelligent, he's a learner & is always looking at you for his next command. He loves water, loves to hike, loves our adventures and oh boy, does he ever love water! This boy has got it all, he's the perfect dog in my eyes :) 163725879 BRODIE #4 TOY AMERICAN ESKIMO IN CANADA 2012 TOY standing 11.5" at the shoulder. CKC & UKC Registered, Prcd- Pra clear, pattern A. Brodie is currently sitting on 6 points as of Aug 2013. Brodie was bred by Paula Gammie from Paula's Polar Pups! He is extremely well bred and his siblings have done exceptional in the show ring. Brodie has 8 generations of Toy's in his pedigree! His sister is #2 Toy eskimo in Canada He's got a nice bone, excellent conformation and also listens very well and is kind & very gentle. We are very excited to have him in our pack!! 174985784 VICKY - TOY CKC CHAMPION TOY standing 11" at the shoulder. CKC & UKC Registered, Prcd-Pra Clear, pattern A. Vicky is now our latest CKC Champion! Vicky is extremely agile, loves to chase the ball and find the highest cliff to climb up on! She is very adventurous, brave, loyal and intelligent. A perfect representation of this amazing breed. Her mother is Toto, her sire is Koda. 174985785 AKIRA AND VICKY Toys 203737139 ARIEL MINIATURE AMERICAN ESKIMO CB'S LION OF JUDAH, "ARIEL" Prcd-pra pattern A, clear, hips and elbows good, Dam: Taos Sire: Brodie 203737143 BLUE STANDARD AMERICAN ESKIMO "Islands Babyblue at CB'S" Hips Elbows good, Prcd-pra clear pattern A, #4 Standard American Eskimo in Canada for 2013, 2014 190975001 BLUE STANDARD AMERICAN ESKIMO 190975002 BLUE STANDARD AMERICAN ESKIMO 191913130 BLUE Winning her puppy class! 202155710 TOY MINI STANDARD AMERICAN ESKIMO Here they are! Three sizes, the toy, miniature and standard size American eskimo dog 195645980 TOY MINI STANDARD AMERICAN ESKIMO PICTURE Here they are! Three sizes, the toy, miniature and standard size American eskimo dog 195645981 BROOKE -retired Toy, standing 11" at the shoulder. CKC & UKC Registered... Prcd-Pra clear pattern A. Brooke is working on her CKC Champion points, currently sitting on 6points .. The name suites this girl. Boy does she ever love the water! Brooke is very quiet and gentle. She is extremely adventurous, she loves to try and walk over any log that may be accross a creek, or take off straight up the side of a super steep hill! I'm not sure if it's a challenge to her or what she is thinking, but she sure is fun to watch. She's so affectionate & cuddly, she's obidient, and gentle, just everything you would want in a good dog. 150316104 SIRES BRODIE FRONT KODA BACK 2013 154330437 FREYA MINI - retired Koda X Taos 197128831 KODA - TOY Sire to Vicky and Freya 169226687 197128832 197128833 197128834 197128835 197128936 Blue 202155709 202155711 202155712 202155713 202155714 Blues top dog poster! While she was on top, ended up #4 in Canada for the year. 203737138 Blue Tuff day at the show lol napping on the table poor baby lol 202155716 203737140 202155715 203737141 COSMO 203737145 ARIEL AND COSMO 203737142 BLUE 203737144 VICKY 203737192